Jaime Tavares Freelancing

Full Stack Software Developer & IT Consultant

As of February, 2024, I am studying to attain my COMPTIA A+ Certification and searching for a Full-Time Internship/Associate position as a Software Developer, Web Developer or Designer, IT Consultant, or IT Support.

My Specialties

Being a software engineer & analyst, I specialize in many different areas of technology, analysis and programming. I am constantly learning new concepts to expand my knowledge and understanding.

Check out some of my favourites below!

Web & App Development

Websites and applications have been my primary area of tech-expertise for multiple years now. Creating stunning and original digital experiences my passion and I am always looking for new opportunities to utilize my abilities. 

Client Satisfaction

Ensuring the client(s) and end-users of my products are more-than satisfied with my work is my top priority in any project I have the opportunity to be a part of. I strive to go above and beyond wherever possible.

Team Work

Through various projects, both in college and in the workplace, I have learned that projects progress so much smoother when genuine teamwork is at play. More is accomplished, and the final products are always infused with care and creativity.


Java, Javascript, Python, C#, and Swift are just a few programming languages that have helped me to hone my programming skills. My knowledge expands to account for any new problem requiring a solution.

Database Administration

Information has become so important to everyone, including myself. Securing and managing data has been a key skill used in each of my projects, and therefore have enhanced my abilities when handling databases of any size.

Problem Solving

Developing solutions to problems has always piqued my interest and continually brings me the highest level of satisfaction. Critical thinking has become a strong skill of mine, and is useful for understanding and solving problems.

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My Projects

After years of studying software engineering, web development/design and information systems, I have developed a portfolio showcasing my stellar technological skillset that continues to grow. website Complete Website Revamp

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Breaker Game (HTML, CSS, JS)

Breaker Game (HTML, CSS, JS)

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KarmaPRO Entertainment Homepage

KarmaPRO Entertainment: Complete Website Revamp

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Gcp WordPress website management (2015 to 2022)

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Screenshot 2023 05 17 At 4.48.57 Am

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